Top 3 Ways To Get Highly Engaged Instagram Followers

top 3 ways to get highly engaged instagram followers

Our infographic highlights that it’s not one thing that helps gain highly engaged instagram followers but three. These 3 things can help you improve your social media engagement and further your quest for online celebrity status!

Post Daily

By posting daily you instantly benefit from more highly engaged instagram followers. By being more visible and active more of the time you become more accessible. The phrase “the early bird catches the worm” kind of applies here. If you’re there first you are more likely to get what you want. In the same way, if you post on a daily basis, even if potential followers miss you on one day, they will see you on another. And just like that you have a new follower.

Good Timing

Once you have a good number of followers you may notice a trend emerging. The time of day that your followers are most active on instagram should become clear. Try to figure out a game plan, know when your followers are active and post at the same time that they are online. This tactic will not guarantee that you will gain more followers but it will help you engage with your audience. If you are online at the same time as your audience then you can respond faster which leads us onto our final point…

Get Involved

Probably the most important thing here is to get involved in posting comments and responding to comments. By doing this as quickly and as frequently as you are prepared to do so you will benefit from more engaged instagram followers. Your followers will recognise that you respond actively to comments and this will make people comment more. More comments means more engagement so it’s a win win.

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