Why do people buy instagram followers?

Millions of reasons, but that isn’t really an answer is it! In this blog we will try to establish why people buy instagram followers, what motivates them and what makes them buy again.

why do people buy instagram followers

Simply to increase their follower count

The first and probably most obvious reason that people buy instagram followers is to increase their follower count, plain and simple. After all, when you buy instagram followers this is exactly what you are doing. However, there are many other reasons than you may have ever imagined.

Maybe its to promote a new brand?

So imagine you are about to launch a new range of sunglasses that no one has ever heard of and you don’t have a reputation or a brand that people know. In this case it could be quite difficult to get your business off the ground. But by buying instagram followers you can at least look more established. These are some other reasons for people making a purchase, they want to look more established, look more well known or buy a fan base.

The big one….Fame!

Another reason and possibly the biggest reason why people buy instagram followers is to find fame. Not everyone on instagram is seeking fame but most are. Odd’s are that if your account is public, you want people to discover you and know what you are doing. In other words you want to become famous. All the big celebrities from A listers to C listers are on instagram and the simple reason is that it allows them to engage with their fans in a way not previously possible before instagram existed. Buying instagram followers is a sure way to look more popular because you have a higher follower count. Unfortunately, buying instagram followers alone will not make you famous. What it will do is help you appeal to like minded individuals who may end up following you purely because you look popular.

Who wouldn’t want to be famous?

Lets face it, being famous opens doors. It helps you get that restaurant reservation when the place is fully booked. It allows you to meet people you usually couldn’t because you have a seat at the big table and mingle with the top dogs where ever you go. Fame on instagram is a big deal and buy buying instagram followers you start your journey to becoming an instagram celebrity. As mentioned its not the be all and end all but when you increase your followers you look more popular. However, without working hard in other ways to promote yourself won’t cut it.

Want to be famous? Get Working!

When you buy followers, you want fame but you’re going to have to get up off your ass and work hard. Nothing in this life comes for free and neither do followers. Starting from only $4.99 you can buy 100 followers to test the water. From there, the sky’s the limit. Take the bull by the horns and get ready for the ride of your life.

Get followers for less today

Starting today you can purchase 1000 followers for only $8….yes $8! This offer is available for a limited time only as the usual price is $17.99 so we can’t keep it going for long. Act now before it’s too late. Don’t end up purchasing late at the usual price when you can gain extra followers fast.

Simple 123 process to buy instagram followers

It’s so simple with our 123 process to buy instagram followers. You will quickly be on the road to fame and we guarantee you won’t look back. Once you’ve had a taste of the good life there really is no going back. Become the success story you’ve always dreamed of firstly by acting famous and in return success will find you.

Conclusion of why people buy instagram followers

Anyway, we got a bit carried away there buy the message is clear. To conclude our blog “why do people buy instagram followers?” our answer is there are many reasons but the big one is fame. Whatever your reason for wanting to buy followers, you have it and that’s why you are here. We love to hear about our clients success stories so please feel free to write in to us or leave us a review. That’s all for this blog but be sure to check out some of the great instagram follower packages we have on offer.

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